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Analytical study of phenomenology and some Husserlian terms

Khaled Ahmed Sebaie
The phenomenological tendency, since its inception, has attracted attention of many scholars specializing in philosophy and those who chronicle it alike, therefore, many definitions and explanations have been provided for it, all of which agree that it is a tendency whose main focus is the study of the human experience and its relationship to the objects or things that are imposed on human consciousness through that experience, its mechanism is thought as its descriptive project, which identifies the structures that distinguish that consciousness and the world around it as it appears to experience, thus, it was not only a subject of philosophy, but a subject of psychology in terms of what happens to the mind when it is subject to an external influence, it is also a subject of sociology which studies the social phenomenon starting from the individual action in the sense that “Max Weber” held, right through to the fact that it is in general an internal personal experience that takes .

Date Published : 2022-06-01
Date Received : 2022-02-22

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