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Ayman Mustafa
Omar Alqawi
Salem Elwahaish
Mustafa Drah
Faghri February
HER-2 is amplified in approximately 15–20% of all breast cancers this results in overexpression of the HER-2 pro-tein. The HER‑2 gene and its protein have been utilized for disease diagnosis and treatment response. This study was conducted for quantitative analysis of HER-2 in breast cancer patients by the quantitative Real Time- Poly-merase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technique. The qPCR technique was performed on DNA extracted from 30 fresh frozen breast cancer tissue samples collected from National Cancer Institute, Misurata (NCI), The relative quantifi-cation of HER-2 gene amplification was measured in normal and tumor breast tissues and compared with the am-plification of IGF-1 gene. The results of HER-2 amplification fold changes were analyzed and compared with Im-munohistochemistry (IHC) tests of the same tissues. The results of our study demonstrated that 20% of the studied breast tissues had high levels of HER-2 gene expression and their fold change ranged from 2.3 to 25 folds u.

Date Published : 2020-02-11

This study was performed to investigate the prevalence of Vitamin D insufficiency and its associated risk factors among pregnant women in selected clinics in Misurata, Libya for the month of March 2018. A total of 90 pregnant women were included in this study. a self-made questionnaire was designed to gather data. The data gathered were classified, tabulated and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Fifty five percent of the respondents had insufficient vitamin D (serum concentration 25 (OH) D level ≤ 30 ng/ml ), Most of the respondents are aged 15-25 years old and are in college level, with fair skin and sometimes exposed to sunlight in the mid-day with less than one hour, some-times use of sunscreen cream. In terms of dietary information, most of the respondents had regular intake of milk, omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin D and calcium supplements. Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of vita-min D in the recent period, and although pregnant women in Misurata hospitals are .

Date Published : 2020-02-11

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is the most common type of anemia. Anemia is defined as a clinical condition characterized by a reduction in hemoglobin concentration of blood or the number of red blood cells (RBCs) is poorly below the normal. The present study was conducted to investigate about prevalence of iron deficiency anemia among nursing students and elucidate the correlations between hemoglobin level, gender, physical signs, and clinical symptoms. Sixty-one students aged 18-30 years were selected randomly, during the period from April up to December 2018. Hemoglobin (Hb) level was measured for each respondent. Pearson correlation was used to find a correlation between Hb and other parameters. where P<0.05 was considered statistically significant. The results showed that, there was 16% found to be suffering from anemia, when 28% of females had diagnosed low Hb levels with anemia. A significant (P˂0.05) correlation between Hb level, sex, pale-colored inside lower eyelids, gen.

Date Published : 2020-05-27

Bashir M Ayad
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common liver disorders that is generally associated with abnormal liver function test results. Pomegranate has been described as the nature’s power fruit, and shown to have various health benefits. This study aims to explore the role of aqueous pomegranate peel extract (PPE) in attenuating NAFLD induced by high fat diet (HFD). 24 male guinea pigs were allocated into three groups (eight per group). Control (CON) group received normal chow diet. High fat diet (HFD) group, consumed HFD over six weeks to induce NAFLD. HFD-PPE group received HFD for six weeks followed by four weeks administration of PPE tea along with HFD. All animals survived until termination of the experiment, and were ultimately sacrificed at scheduled time (six weeks for the CON and HFD groups and ten weeks for the HFD-PPE group). NAFLD was evaluated histologically and by measuring serum levels of liver enzymes. There was a significant increase in t.

Date Published : 2020-07-06

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