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Scientific research plays an important role for development and progress of societies and is the way that reveals all that gives human civilization the dignified life and intellectual sophistication that we see today. Therefore, all discoveries, especially those of today’s world, are merely the result of scientific studies, which......More

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We are pleased in the Journal of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Misurata to launch this scientific project to develop agricultural research and create a point of contact for research ideas that everyone participates by thinking about their content and knowing the methods used in the published research and the recommendations that researchers extracted based on their results. While we open this event of this scientific and refereed journal and showing its existence, we seek to continue and evolve to rise to the higher ranks. This scientific journal aims to include scientific research in various fields of agricultural science. However, this volume is limited to the research done in the field of plant production, while the following volumes - as planned by the committee - will be......more
In the name of Allah, the most merciful, and most beneficent and with peace upon the prophet, the noblest of all messengers. I am truly elated to be named as the Executive Editor of the Misurata University Journal of Agricultural Sciences, and I hope to meet the expectation and earn the trust associated with this awesome task. This journal is devoted to providing a juried and self-governing platform for the publication of research in all branches of agricultural sciences, both in the Arabic and English languages. The aim of this journal is to reflect the hopes and aspirations of researchers in the field, and to widen the circle of scientific research in agricultural sciences while adhering to international scientific research methods and standards. Therefore, this journal’s door is......more

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Haifa M. Duzan

Date Published : 2021-05-17
Date Received : 2020-12-19

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