Information and Documentation Center

It's quite obvious that the importance of ICT in improving and developing the work environment is well known at present. Therefore, the University Information and Documentation Center has been established to create a work environment with outstanding technology and keep pace with the rapid technological development in order to improve the level of work and increase the academic and administrative performance within the university through the optimal recruitment of available resources. Moreover, in order to achieve the vision of our university and its future goals, the Information and Documentation Center, provides the university students, researchers and staff with the latest technologies that facilitate their work in their fields and research through the provision of internal networking services, access to the Internet, the creation of e-mail, and the design of various systems and applications. Besides, providing maintenance services and technical support to all faculties and centers of the university. The Center is also committed through the cooperation of specialized tutors in providing technical consultancy, and training university cadres in the field of information technology to develop human capacities in order to make the university graduates who are scientifically and technically qualified.
In conclusion, many thanks to all the employees of the Center for their efforts in achieving its goals.


Excellence in performance through a modern technical university system with international standards.


Provide the best integrated technical services to support all administrative, educational and research tasks, to improve the level of performance at the university, while keeping up with the latest technologies to raise the efficiency of all university employees. As well as cooperation with other departments and centers of the university to provide advisory and training services in the field of information technology, In order to develop national competencies capable of contributing to the national transformation program.


• Use the latest information technology to support all activities within the university.
• Matching the University's strategy with e-governance programs.
• Providing infrastructure of telecommunication software and networks conforming to international standards.
• Establishing a data center for the university and linking it to all faculties of the university despite the spacing between them.
• Cooperating with the colleges and technical departments of the university to support the transformation into a smart university to take its place among the regional universities.
• Provide technical advice and propose solutions in the areas of information technology.
• Expanding the University's partnerships, activities, research, consultancy and knowledge services by contributing to the training plans in the field of information technology for local beneficiaries, thus achieving the vision of the Center in particular and the University in general.

Principles and Values

Quality - Excellence - Teamwork - Innovation - Responsibility – Credibility.

Organizational Structure

Director of Information and Documentation Center.
Statistics and Electronic Publishing Unit.
Statistics and Electronic Publishing Unit.
Geographic Information Systems Unit.
Networking and Data Security Unit.
Programming and system unit.

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