السيرة الذاتية لرئيس قسم برامج الاتحاد الأوروبي | مكتب التعاون الدولي

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2nd ring road, Misratah

C: 0914623778

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  • Feb 2014: BSc, Civil Engineering (80.46%) – Misurata University, Misurata, Libya
  • 2008: High school, Engineering science (90.55), Ben Galboon school – Misurata, Libya

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  • 2015: Certified Trainer, (ISID) standards, Canada Global Consulting and Training
  • 2016: Obtained (6.5) score at IELTS proficiency test

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  • January 2016 till now: Head of EU programs Department at the International Cooperation Office, Misurata University, Misurata, Libya
  • 2015: Local coordinator at the International Republican Institute (IRI), Misurata, Libya

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  • February 2014 till now: Training Officer at Civil Initiative Libya; A project Run by Acted, French agency, and funded by the EU, Misurata TC, Misurata, Libya

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  • Chairman of the Board of Ebd’h organization
  • Trainer at ” Fekra 2″ contest
  • Coordinator of Superiors Secondary School Students Camp project funded by creative international
  • Coordinator of Youth Decides project to train 1000 of Libyan youth funded by the Municipality Council
  • Project Manager of  Let’s be Heard project, DDC funded by the EU Executive Director of  Ebda’h organization – Misurata, Libya

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  • President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Libyan Youth Parliament – Azawia, Libya
  • Local observer with Observers Network organisation
  • Head of Training and Development department at Ebda’h organisation
  • Delivered a range of workshops and designed a bunch of training packages for civil society activists and civil society organizations

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  • Participated in “2521 Regional Program” in Social entrepreneurship; Souse, Tunis
  • Participated in the first forum of innovation for Arab youth; Amman, Jordan
  • Attended a workshop titled “Civil Society Organization Role during Elections”; Djerba, Tunisia
  • Attended the Libyan-Tunisian youth forum “Libyan-Tunisian cooperation in time of crisis”, Tunisia

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  • One of the  governors of the first Misrata University Debating Championship
  • Founding Member of the international  “Hour of Code” event in Libya
  • Attended the 2nd National Forum for Libyan youth held in Azaweya, Libya

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  • Member of LCB (Libyan collegiate programming members)
  • Member of “Gratitude Forum” at Misurata engineering college
  • Member of the Libyan Youth Parliament
  • Founding member of “Ebda’h” organization
  • Founding member of Dialog and Debate Club

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  • Member of Observers Network organization, Misurata office

  • Member of Human Rights Organization to establish Constitutional Justice

  • Founding member of Libyan youth voice organization
  • Member of science and technology association

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  • Excellent IT skills
  • English Touch Typing: around 60 WPM
  • A good communication and interpersonal skills

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– Operating Systems: Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

– Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access,
Microsoft PowerPoint.

– Programming Language: C, C++, VB, VB.NET.

– English Touch Typing: around 50 WPM.

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Arabic, Good English.

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  • Certified in Proposal writing skills.
  • Certified in Financial management in the institutions of civil society.
  • Certified in Thinking and planning strategist for the institutions of civil society.

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  • Certified in The art of debate and discussion rules.
  • Certified in The art of self-defense.
  • Certified in Computer programming.

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  • Attended The 2013 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest
    Sharm Elshekh.
  • Attended Training course in ” The art of debate and discussion rules.
  • Attended the 3rd Ramadan culture Symposium of Misratah University.
  • Attended the 2nd National Forum for Youth Libyan.

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  • Attended a workshop in “Thinking and planning strategist for the institutions of civil society”.
  • Attended a workshop in “Financial management in the institutions of civil society”.
  • Attended “Proposal writing skills” course.

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Research paper entitled:

  • “Mysteries and ethics of Facebook”.
  • Third Ramadn culture symposium at Faculty of Arts.

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  • Member of LCB ( Libyan collegiate programming members).
  • Member of “Gratitude Forum” at Misratah engineering college.
  • Member of the Libyan Youth Parliament.

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  • Member of “D group” (development group).
  • Member of “Ebda’h Movement organization.
  • Founding member of DDC ( Debate and Dialog Club).

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  • Training Officer at Civil Initiatives Libya/Acted – Libya

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  • Public Relations Manager Deputy: DDC (dialog and
    debate office).


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